The Shadow’s Curse

by Amy McCulloch

Released February 2016

9780738745121 trade paperback
CAD 13.95|USD 11.99

9780738746982 eBook
EUR 7.99|GBP 6.49|USD 9.99

5.25 in x 8 in
456 pages

War is coming and it can’t be stopped. 

For Raim, the threat of battle means he must master the powers he and his spirit-companion Draikh possess, seek out the maker of the oath that caused his exile, and rescue Wadi, the girl he loves, from his former best friend Khareh, the tyrannical new Khan who’s holding her prisoner.

For Wadi, it means choosing sides in a way she never dreamed. The more she learns about the upcoming power struggle in Darhan, the more her opposition to Khareh softens. If the Northern tribes don’t unite under their new Khan, they won’t be strong enough to fight the invaders.

Lines are drawn in the sand. No one can escape the coming conflict. They can only hope to survive it.


“Action, mystery, and magic abound in this deliciously twisted plot.”—Booklist Online

“[The Shadow’s Curse] has much to offer and will appeal to fans of the previous novel.”—School Library Journal

Amy McCulloch (London, UK) graduated from the University of Toronto and works as commissioning editor for HarperVoyager.