The Boy Meets Girl Massacre (Annotated)

by Ainslie Hogarth

Released September 2015

9780738744728 trade paperback
CAD 13.95|USD 11.99

9780738746012 eBook
EUR 7.99|GBP 6.49|USD 9.99

5.25 in x 8 in
288 pages

Gripping, grisly, and keeps you guessing until the shocking end

Noelle Dixon takes a summer nightshift job at the infamous Boy Meets Girl Inn, even though she’s well aware of the horrifying murders that happened there decades ago. That’s why she has a diary—to write down everything she experiences in case things go bump in the night. But the inexplicable freezing drafts, the migrating rotten-flesh smell, and the misplaced personal items don’t really scare her. Noelle has bigger problems: her father’s failing health, her friend Alfred’s inappropriate crush, and the sore spot on the back of her head that keeps getting worse.

When a party commemorating the anniversary of the original killings ends in a ghoulish bloodbath, Noelle’s diary becomes the key piece of evidence for investigators. But the cryptic entries suggest that there’s more to the bizarre case than can be rationally explained . . .


“Grim, gross, and smart, this title will satisfy hard-core horror fans.”—School Library Journal

“Highly frightening and effective.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This strange, incredibly grisly story will likely thrill teenagers and horrify their parents.”—Foreword Reviews

“Hogarth delivers in bringing…a summer slasher flick to the page.”—Publishers Weekly

Ainslie Hogarth (Toronto, Canada) has an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Philosophy and a Masters in Creative Writing. She watches a lot of movies and has a lot more books in her head.