How Many Letters Are In Goodbye?

by Yvonne Cassidy

Released March 2016

9780738747453 trade paperback
CAD 13.95|USD 11.99

9780738748887 eBook
EUR 7.99|GBP 6.49|USD 9.99

6 in x 9 in
432 pages

I’m crying again, Mum. I’m crying because I don’t know how many letters I have to write to say goodbye to you. More than anything, I wish I knew.

Seventeen-year-old Rhea Farrell has scars from a childhood accident in which she lost her arm. But she also carries scars that aren’t so visible— the loss of a mother she hardly remembers, the impact of her father’s drinking, and her confusion and pain around accepting her sexuality.

When Rhea runs away, she turns to the person she’s always wished she could confide in: her mother. And just like she used to do as a little girl, Rhea starts to write her letters—to tell her things she can’t tell anyone else, to share her fears, to ask for help. Rhea’s journey on the streets of New York brings her deeper into her mother’s past, where she uncovers buried family secrets. And as she finds out more about the woman her mother truly was, Rhea also discovers just what kind of woman she wants to be.

Awards & Praise:

2017 ALA Rainbow List Top 10 Pick

“A heartbreaking story about the challenges of trusting, healing, and saying goodbye.”—School Library Journal

“This title will have a lasting impact.”—VOYA

“It’s a powerhouse of emotion. My heart is now stretched into new shapes.”—Kirstin Cronn-Mills, Stonewall Award-winning author of Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

“An effective story delivered via a unique structure.”—Booklist

“Heavy and intense, this book will make readers confront their own senses of identity.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A very well-constructed story of tragic loss, self-discovery, and love.”—Sunday Independent


 Yvonne Cassidy (New York, NY) is an Irish author who has written three novels, including How Many Letters Are in Goodbye. When she’s not writing, Yvonne works at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen and uses her writing skills for fundraising and teaching creative writing.