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I'll Get There. It Better Be Worth The Trip.

Author: John Donovan
EAN: 9780738721347
Trade Paperback
Young Adult/Fiction
Price: $9.95
Release: September 2010

I'll Get There. It Better Be Worth The Trip.

The 40th anniversary edition of a groundbreaking teen classic

When the grandmother who raised him dies, Davy Ross, a lonely thirteen-year-old boy, must move to Manhattan to live with his estranged mother. Between alcohol-infused lectures about her self-sacrifice and awkward visits with his distant father, Davy’s only comfort is his beloved dachshund Fred. Things start to look up when he and a boy from school become friends. But when their relationship takes an unexpected turn, Davy struggles to understand what happened and what it might mean.

“Shattering… frank… intelligent.”—Horn Book

“This book… should be available wherever young people read.”—New York Times

Sophisticated… remarkably touching.

  New York Times Best of 1969 Book List

 School Library Journal Best of 1969 Book List

This anniversary edition features reflections from Brent Hartinger (Geography Club), Martin Wilson (What They Always Tell Us), and Kathleen T. Horning (Director of the Cooperative Children’s Book Center), with a foreword by Stacey Donovan (Dive).


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