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Author: Maggie Stiefvater

A Lament Novel #1 EAN: 9780738713700
Trade Paperback
Young Adult/Fiction
Price: $9.95
Release: October 2008

Book Reader Reviews

"Such a fabulous book. Brimming with doomed love, oh-so dangerous faeries, and music oozing out of every pore, it is simply wonderful."
--The Book Bind, YA blog of Kepler's Books, CA

"The art and traditionals give the book a decidedly haunting feel...but Lament’s true strength lies in Stiefvater’s characterizations."
--Les Bonnes Fees

"Smoothly written, straightforwardly plotted, and charismatically narrated...would certainly be enjoyed by fans of Charles de Lint, Holly Black, Emma Bull and Midori Snyder."
--Cabinet des Fées

"An excellent YA fantasy that will appeal to anyone who likes stories of the fae as they appear in the oldest legends: dangerous, seductive, and sometimes deadly."
--Fantasy Literature

"Fans of the Twilight series will see a bit of Edward in [Luke]. The novel has much to offer, but ended before I was ready."
--Readers' Rants

"A compelling and beautifully written glimpse at a hidden world, nearby but usually unseen. I would certainly recommend [Lament] for Twilight fans."
--Jen Robinson's Book Page

"Be prepared to be enchanted. I can't wait for the sequel and you won''t be able to either."

"[A] really fun book, genuinely hilarious and smart and sad. ... I am really excited for the sequel."
--Skirmish of Wit

"Watch out Melissa Marr and Holly Black, there is a new faerie Queen in town!"
--The Story Siren

"I was not able to put the book down until I read the final page."
--Book Divas

"Lament was, to put it mildly, simply fabulous."
--Julie Kagawa

"Maggie's writing is edgy, fresh and beautiful."
--Jessica M. Burkhart 

"A great addition to the genre of fantasy...[and] a gripping read."
--Charlotte's Library

"Stiefvater has created a novel that is reminiscent of Melissa Marr's WICKED LOVELY."

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